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I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This In A House. Step Inside… Right Meow.

If you like your cats, you buy them collars and treats. If you love them, maybe you’ll go the extra mile and buy a big kitty tree. But if you really love your cats (like, maybe a little too much) you can buy them a “cat heaven” from Goldtatze.de (which means “gold paw”). A “cat heaven” is exactly what it sounds like.
It’s sad to admit, but I’m actually a little jealous of any cat that gets to live in an apartment with his own kitty heaven. My dad didn’t even build me a treehouse. If you want to see more amazing Goldtatze.de designs, check out their Facebook page.
Source: goldtatze.de / Via HausPanther
Spread the word, it’s time to treat your kitties like royalty.


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